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Bride and Groom Confetti Shot

Confetti Shots


The single shot confetti cannons are commonly used for Act entrances, First dances, Countdowns, and Birthday entrances. 

Confetti is the single most widely used special effect and for a great reason to. Our previous events range from Weddings, TV shows, Catwalks, and Nightclub events. We have a large range of different types of confetti; from plain white to multi-colored even metallic looking and glitter, which can often be combined to provide a jaw-dropping effect

The best in special effects and pyrotechnics. Think the first dance at a wedding or the entrance of an act or band. Very versatile confetti cannon units for creating magical moments. 

There is a saying that’s widely used in the entertainment industry....... It isn’t glamorous if it isn’t confetti!


Prices start from £149.99

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